Joining San Diego Supercomputer Center


December 10, 2013

TL;DR Left UCSB after 4 years, got staff position at San Diego Supercomputer Center within UCSD, will be helping research groups analyze their data on Gordon and more. Still 20% on Planck.

I spent 4 great years at UCSB with Peter Meinhold working on analyzing Cosmic Microwave Background data from the ESA Planck space mission. Cosmology is fascinating, also I enjoyed working with a very open minded team, that always left large freedom in choosing the techniques and the software tools for the job.

My work has been mainly focused on understanding and characterizing large amount of data using Python (and C++) on NERSC supercomputers. I was neither interested nor fit for a traditional academic career, and I was looking for a job that allowed me to focus on doing research/data analysis full time.

The perfect opportunity showed up, as the San Diego Supercomputer Center was looking for a computational scientist with a strong scientific background in any field of science to help research teams jump into supercomputing, specifically newcomers. This involves having the opportunity to collaborate with groups in any area of science, the first projects I am going to work on will be in Astrophysics, Quantum Chemistry and Genomics!

I also have the opportunity to continue my work on calibration and mapmaking of Planck data in collaboration with UCSB for 20% of my time.