Redirect readthedocs documentation to another website


September 1, 2020

This is useful if you switch to hosting your own documentation, for example using Sphinx Multiversion on Github pages, tutorial coming soon.

We want to be able to redirect from readthedocs keeping the relative url.

First we can setup user-defined redirects from the admin page on readthedocs, see the full documentation, you can choose “Exact redirect”, I only care about redirecting the latest version, so:

/en/latest/$rest ->

$rest is a special variable which redirects also all the other pages correctly.

The only issue now is that this redirect only works when the documentation is not found, therefore I made a temporary commit to master which deletes all of the Sphinx pages of the documentation and replaces index.rst with:

.. raw:: html

    <script type="text/javascript">

After readthedocs builds this version, go to and disable the readthedocs web hook.

Finally restore the documentation on your master branch and push.