Gateways 2020 paper about Kubernetes and JupyterHub on Jetstream


September 4, 2020

My paper in collaboration with Richard Signell (USGS), Julien Chastang (UCAR), John Michael Lowe (IU/Jetstream), Jeremy Fischer (IU/Jetstream) and Robert Sinkovits (SDSC) was accepted at Gateways 2020 (October 12–23, 2020).

It gives an overview of the architecture of the deployments of the container orchestration engine Kubernetes on the NSF-funded Jetstream Openstack cloud deployment at Indiana University. It refers to my previously published tutorials for step-by-step instructions and configuration files, the 2 most important tutorials explain the 2 strategies for deploying Kubernetes on Jetstream:

Once Kubernetes is available, it is quite easy to deploy JupyterHub configuring properly zero-to-jupyterhub

See the Gateways 2020 paper (open-access) on OSF, (direct link to PDF)

Here is the recording of the presentation and the questions:

or here just the video recording (better quality, no questions/answers)

On the same topic I also gave a 1-hour webinar focused on introducing how to use Openstack and Kubernetes for people with no previous experience, the video (April 2020 ECSS Symposium) is available on Youtube

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