Share data from NERSC publicly via web


February 24, 2023

NERSC allows to make data which is on their Community File System publicly available via a web interface.

This is handled via “Project folders”, so the requirement is to be part of a “project”, for example most scientists working on Cosmic Microwave Background are part of the cmb project (and of the cmb Unix group at NERSC):

> groups
zonca cmb

> export PRJ=cmb

So you should be able to create folders on the Community File System, if not already present, also ma

> mkdir -p /global/project/projectdirs/$PRJ/www

Also make sure it files are world-readable, folders are world-readable and world-executable:

> chmod 755 !$
> chmod 644 !$/*

Now any files and any subfolder of www will be available publicly displaying filenames and file sizes and will allow navigation at the address:

> echo$PRJ

See for example:

* [](