Run PyTorch with GPU support on Expanse


April 4, 2024

In this tutorial we will create a Python environment with PyTorch and see how to get Jupyterlab running on a GPU node.

First of all we want to create an isolated Python environment, I generally favor micromamba, see the documentation on how to install it

Once installed, create an environment:

micromamba create -n pytorch python==3.10 jupyterlab

Do not install pytorch with Mamba, it won’t recognize the GPU, not sure why.

Install pytorch with pip:

micromamba activate pytorch
pip install pytorch

The tool to launch JupyterLab on Expanse currently doesn’t support mamba, so the easiest way is to activate this environment at login, therefore add:

micromamba activate pytorch

at the end of .bashrc.

Finally we can launch a job on the GPU-shared partition with Galyleo to get JupyterLab proxied to a public url:

/cm/shared/apps/sdsc/galyleo/ launch -Q -p gpu-shared -A sds166 -t 120 -c 8 -M 16 -G 1 -j lab

Check in a Notebook that pytorch detects the GPU:

import torch