Jiffylab multiuser IPython notebooks


October 14, 2013

jiffylab is a very interesting project by Preston Holmes to provide sandboxed IPython notebooks instances on a server using docker. There are several user cases, for example:

How to install jiffylab on Ubuntu 12.04

  • Install docker on Ubuntu Precise
  • Copy-paste each line of linux-setup.sh to a terminal, to check what is going on step by step
  • To start the application, change user to jiffylabweb:
sudo su jiffylabweb
cd /usr/local/etc/jiffylab/webapp/
python app.py #run in debug mode
  • Point your browser to the server to check debugging messages, if any.
  • Finally start the application in production mode:
python server.py #run in production mode

How jiffylab works

Each users gets a sandboxed IPython notebook instance, the user can save the notebooks and reconnect to the same session later. Main things missing:

  • No real authentication system / no HTTPS connection, easy workaround would be to allow access only from local network/VPN/SSH tunnel
  • No scientific packages preinstalled, need to customize the docker image to have numpy, matplotlib, pandas
  • No access to common filesystem, read-only, this I think is the most pressing feature missing, issue already on Github

I think that just adding the common filesystem would be enough to make the project already usable to provide students a way to easily get started with python.

Few screenshots

Login page

Jiffylab Login page

IPython notebook dashboard

Jiffylab IPython notebook dashboard

IPython notebook

Jiffylab IPython notebook